Learn The Skills Of BJJ With The Best Instruction In Town

You've never tried a Martial Arts class like Brazilian Jiu Jitu. This high energy self-defense system focuses primarily on ground fighting and teaches students how to use leverage and speed to overcome an opponent.

At The Dojo, our BJJ classes are truly second to none. We rely on the highest quality instruction and a proven system of training to help students of all experience levels gain strength, speed, and confidence in themselves. 

Don't miss out on these incredible classes!

BJJ Training Is Perfect For Self-Defense AND Fitness

We'll help you kill two birds with one stone. Not only do our BJJ Classes help you learn how to defend against a larger, stronger attacker or opponent, they'll also push you to get in the best shape of your life with a more practical strength than your traditional big box gyms.

We have created a system that allows students to challenge themselves and one another with drills and live action sparring. But we also hold safety as our number one priority and we ensure that each of our students is able to continue training week after week without the fear of injury.

BJJ Training at The Dojo will teach you techniques like:

  • Balance
  • Leverage


  • Weight distribution

While also helping you build: 

  • Strength
  • Flexibility


  • Stamina

Here's What You Can Expect From Our BJJ Classes

We're not here to train professional fighters and world champions. We're here to make BJJ training and all of the Martial Arts accessible to regular people right in your area.

That means working with students on an individualized basis to make sure that you understand each and every maneuver before moving on to something more complicated.

You'll challenge yourself every day to get better and faster and more powerful in your movements. And you'll walk away after each class knowing you got the most out of yourself. 

Start Your BJJ Training Today At The Dojo

What's holding you back? Jump in today and reap the rewards of a total body training system that will teach you how to defend against an opponent of any size while also pushing you to get in great shape fast.

Make the move today and get more out of your workouts. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started and we'll be in touch soon to answer all of your questions!

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